Windycon Props and Weapons Policy

Adopted by the ISFiC Board 2020-09-16

1. Overview

1.1 This document is an extension of the ISFiC Code of Conduct.

1.2 As with all of our policies, the ISFIC Board has crafted this policy to try to strike a balance between the needs of our events, and the needs of our attendees. Any feedback you may have can be sent directly to

1.3 Violations of this policy can be reported to any on-duty Operations staff member per the Reporting Problems page. If the violation is by an ISFiC Board Member, Senior Convention Staff, or by someone in Operations then the Independent Incident Response Team (IRT) may handle the report.

1.4 The Windycon Chair or their designated representative may choose to immediately impose penalties for violations of this policy for the safety and well-being of our members. Such penalties may include, but are not limited to, a one-time warning, restricted access to convention activities, and immediate expulsion from the convention with or without a membership refund. Violators may also be referred to local law enforcement should that be deemed appropriate.

1.5 No prop shall be used in a dangerous or threatening manner. Do not draw blades. Do not point projectile weapons. Anything used as a weapon will be treated as a weapon.

1.6 Any item designed or created with the intent to cause injury or death to any person or property, as well as any item that is illegal in the state of Illinois and/or the Village of Lombard is not allowed.

1.7 Exceptions can be made to many of these policies for programming events and photography sessions. These exceptions must be made in advance with the appropriate Convention Staff and may be declined if the safety of other attendees is called into question. The Convention Chair always has final authority in these decisions.

2. Weapons

2.1 Firearms and Replica Firearms

2.1.1. Real firearms are not props and are prohibited from all ISFiC Events, Windycon included.

2.1.2. Realistic gun props, including antique and replica firearms, are not allowed. This is for the safety of you and fellow attendees as Convention Security and local law enforcement cannot easily identify if these are props or live weapons.

2.1.3. All other firearm props must be taken to Operations and peace bonded. This will take the form of a zip tie indicating that the item is a prop and that any triggering mechanism has been disabled. Operations will also note your compliance so that any later inquires can be quickly answered.

2.2 Ammunition

2.2.1. No live ammunition for any projectile weapon may be carried in convention space. No bullets or carriages, no darts, no NERF, no arrows or bolts. Nothing that can be fired or launched.

2.2.2. If you have costume pieces with fixed, non-live ammunition, take it to Operations to be noted and zip tied.

2.3 Knives and Edged Weapons

Any material which can be given and maintain a cutting edge is covered by this policy.

We know many of our attendees participate in other activities where knives and swords and axes play an important part, and we have tried to balance this policy accordingly.

2.3.1. All live edges must be fully sheathed and peace bonded. Bring all such items to Operations to be approved and zip tied.

2.3.2. An exception exists for items being displayed in the Dealers Room. Vendors will package any purchases for transportation to your room or vehicle. If you wish to carry or wear your new purchase, take it to Operations.

2.3.3. Non-edged blades can be worn and carried, but please be patient and respectful when approached by any Convention Staff and asked to verify the state of the item.

2.3.4. Utility blades, such as pocket knives, may be used in convention space. It the responsibility of the user to ensure the safety of everyone around them using such tools.

2.4 Polearms and Mass Weapons

2.4.1. Spikes and blades on weapons places the entire weapon under the Knives and Edged Weapons rules as stated above.

2.4.2. Foam, rattan, and “boffer” weapons need to be handled on a case-by-case basis. Take any such props in question to Operations for review.

2.4.3. As with any other prop or costume element, if it may potentially cause issue for those around you, please consider leaving it in your room. You are always responsible for any damage done to the hotel or others by what you wear and what you carry.

3. Props and Special Effects

3.1 This should go without saying, but no open flames are allowed in convention space. This means no props or costumes that produce fire or flames in any form are allowed.

3.2 Strobe-lighting effects can trigger a form of epilepsy (known as photo-sensitive epilepsy, PSE, or light-sensitive epilepsy) if the flash frequency is broadly in the range 16–25 flashes per second (some people experience PSE at lower or higher frequencies). If you have any props or costuming elements that produce lighting effects, please be considerate of those around you.

3.3 Lasers, including laser pointers, are not permitted to be used in convention space. Exceptions may be made for specific presentations and convention programming.

3.4 Smoke effects of any type are prohibited from the convention space. Exceptions for the Masquerade must be obtained from the Masquerade Staff in advance.

3.5 Liquids and gels should not be used as a prop or as part of a costume unless they are appropriated sealed and will not transfer to another person or property.