Windycon Dress Code

Adopted by the ISFiC Board 2020-09-16

  1. The Windycon Dress Code tries to reach a balance between freedom of expression, the sensitivities of all our attendees, and the requirements of the venue.
  2. It is applicable to all genders and in all convention spaces.
  3. Windycon does not permit clothing that contains hate speech or explicit sexual content.
  4. Bare feet are not allowed. Sandals are acceptable, being barefoot or using footpads is not acceptable.
  5. No roller-wear is allowed in convention areas including but not limited to heelys, rollerblades/skates, and skateboards.
  6. Please use the diagram on this page for a reference for the minimal coverage to be compliant with this policy. And thanks to Colorado Anime Fest for the diagram.
  7. The Convention Chair always has the final word on what is and is not acceptable attire in convention spaces.
Dress Code Demonstration