ISFiC Corporate Information

ISFiC Board Meeting

The next currently scheduled ISFiC Board Meeting will be in person at Windycon 50 in November 2024. When a final time and location are settled, this notice will be updated.

ISFiC Board of Directors

Serving through Windycon 50 (November 2024)

  • President: David Ifversen (term expires in 2026)
  • Secretary: Daniel Gunderson (term expires in 2024)
  • Treasurer: Ken Beach (term expires in 2026)
  • Stephen "Fluffy" Baker (term expires in 2025)
  • Dana "Star" DeMichael (term expires in 2026)
  • Suzette France (term expires in 2024)
  • Kristina "Gummi" Maki (term expires in 2025)
  • Scott Schultz (term expires in 2025)
  • Joseph "Uncle Vlad" Stockman (term expires in 2024)
  • John Donat (emeritus member)
  • Richard France (emeritus member)
  • Kerry Kuhn (emeritus member)
  • Bill Roper (emeritus member)
  • Steven H Silver (emeritus member)
  • Barb VanTilburg (emeritus member)
  • Tom Veal (emeritus member)

Membership in ISFiC is included with registration for Windycon. Your term of membership begins on the first day of any Windycon for which you are properly registered (whether by advance registration, at-the-door registration, or comp) and expires immediately prior to the beginning of the following Windycon.

Legal Disclosures

As an organization exempt from tax under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code, ISFiC, Inc. is required to make certain information available to the public. In keeping with this disclosure requirement, we are providing links below to our Forms 990-EZ (Short Form Return of Organization Exempt From Income Tax) for the years indicated. ISFiC’s fiscal year conforms to the calendar year.