ISFiC Code of Conduct

Adopted by the ISFiC Board 2020-09-16

1. Introduction

1.1 ISFiC is committed to fostering an environment of comfort and safety for everyone. To achieve this, attendees should refrain from actions that a reasonable person would feel would limit, or threaten to limit, the safe enjoyment of the convention by another person.

1.2 ISFiC will not tolerate any form of misconduct toward convention participants.

1.3 Violations of this policy can be reported to any on-duty Operations staff member. How to report and we handle reports is spelled out on the reporting page. If the violation is by a Board Member of ISFiC or by someone in Operations then someone from the Independent Incident Response Team (IRT) will be handling the report. Please use the link below for more information.

1.4 The Windycon Chair or their designated representative may choose to immediately impose penalties for violations of this Code of Conduct for the safety and well-being of our members. Such penalties may include, but are not limited to, a one-time warning, restricted access to convention activities, and immediate expulsion from the convention with or without a membership refund. In accordance with State and Local laws, Windycon may contact local law enforcement to report unlawful activity. All participants are expected to follow all local, municipal, state, and federal laws and ordinances while attending any ISFiC, Inc. event. If it’s illegal OUTSIDE the con, it’s illegal AT the con.

1.5 Some incidents which appear to violate the Code of Conduct may occur due to legitimate misunderstandings and, if they can be resolved to the satisfaction of all parties, ISFiC considers that to be a good outcome. Repeated violations of the Code of Conduct, especially those involving interactions with the same parties, will be regarded as intentional behavior and handled as explained in this Code of Conduct.

1.6 All reports of violations of the Code of Conduct will be referred to the Independent Incident Response Team for their review and recommendations. Additional penalties may be imposed, including a ban from ISFiC events for a minimum period of time.

1.7 Individuals who have been banned from ISFiC events are not automatically readmitted after the minimum period of the ban, but must petition the ISFiC Board to be allowed to return. The Board will consult with IRT and any persons involved in making the original complaint before reaching a decision. ISFiC believes that there can be a path back to community involvement, but the safety of our members will always come first.

I Need to Report Something

2. Hate Speech

Hate speech is not permitted at ISFiC events or on ISFiC forums. Hate speech is defined as abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of gender, sexuality, relationship status, political status, disability, physical appearance, body size, race, national origin, or religion.

3. Code of Conduct


Misconduct means different things to different people. Each complaint will be adjudicated by the Independent Response Team (IRT) based on the facts of the complaint. Misconduct may include any of the following, although it is not limited to this list below.


3.2.1 Harassment is a category of misconduct, defined as “a pattern of misconduct toward a target over time.”

3.2.2 Making repeated disrespectful and unwelcome verbal, written, or social media comments may be considered harassment.

3.2.3 Windycon’s Board (ISFiC) tracks reports of misconduct over multiple years, and takes patterns of misconduct into consideration for multi-year disciplinary action.. We need your help to identify whether the incident you experienced was part of a pattern you might not know about. Isolated single incidents of misconduct can sometimes receive a multi-year disciplinary action, based on the best judgement of ISFiC.

3.2.4 Harassment applies to electronic communication as well as physical. Participants must not engage in misconduct at any convention venues or convention-related social events, not just during the Windycon weekend. Participants asked by the Board, Conchair, Convention Committee, or Staff to stop misconduct are expected to stop immediately, or it may rise to the level of harassment.


3.3.1 If you feel uncomfortable trying to handle a situation yourself, report the incident to the Windycon Operations office. If you feel comfortable trying to deescalate the situation on your own, please feel free to do so in a responsible manner. We would appreciate it if Operations was still informed to help us identify any repeat offenders. If you feel threatened or unsafe, or if your attempts to resolve the situation yourself are unsuccessful, please seek help immediately.

3.3.2 If you are in a confrontation, or notice someone else in a confrontation, go to Operations for help. Operations will help participants contact venue security or law enforcement, provide escorts, or otherwise assist in creating a positive space for the duration of the con. Windycon encourages participants to consider the possibility of reporting any rape, assault, or other unlawful activity to law enforcement. We ask that all attendees try to foster an environment where speaking out is fully supported. Retaliating against a person who reports or complains about misconduct will not be tolerated.


3.4.1. People commonly wear costumes at conventions. Please be respectful by not touching a person or their costume without a clear invitation. Silence does not imply consent.

3.4.2. Please keep your public displays of affection rated PG-13.


Please conform to the Windycon Dress Code. Our current venue requires that all attendees must wear footwear on the main floor at all times. Failure to be properly attired could mean immediate removal from the premises by the hotel without refund.


3.6.1 Children ages 17 and under (hereby referred to as “minors”) are welcome at the convention.

3.6.2 Minors require a badge, either a full badge, a children's badge, or Kid-in-Tow badge. Minors twelve or under must have a parent or guardian on the premises. Holders of Kid-in-Tow badges must be accompanied by a badged guardian at all times.

3.6.3 Anyone under the age of 18 must carry contact information for a parent or legal guardian at all times.

3.6.4 Please also consider that some convention topics may not be appropriate for young children, and that some evening and night convention functions may involve attendee costume and activities possibly inappropriate for children. Windycon cannot be held responsible for any unaccompanied minors.

3.6.5 This code of conduct shall not apply to otherwise legal interactions between a parent and/or legal guardian and their minor children in their custody, e.g. disciplinary actions that fall within the bounds of municipal, state, and federal law.

4. Convention Rules


4.1.1. All Windycon attendees must purchase a Windycon badge and wear that badge at all times when attending Windycon events or using convention event spaces.

4.1.2. Forging, duplicating, or sharing Windycon badges is not permitted and is grounds for removal from the convention without refund


4.2.1 Windycon recognizes that the use of alcoholic beverages by those of legal age is a matter of personal choice. Windycon requires that those who choose to drink during Windycon weekend and at other ISFiC sponsored events abide by state law and the ISFiC Code of Conduct. We expect such individuals will conduct themselves responsibly and respectfully in regard to others and to their environment, including the physical property of the host location.

4.2.2 As part of our hospitality, Windycon may serve alcoholic beverages in the hospitality suites. There may also be other events that will do so. We require that everyone observe the law and follow these rules:

4.2.3 Windycon will be checking IDs before serving any alcoholic beverages. You must be 21 or over in order to drink in Illinois. Proof of age will be required to be served alcohol at the point of service, not during registration. In other words, you must bring your ID to the Con Suite in order to drink. Con badges will NOT be accepted as proof of age. Acceptable forms of ID are drivers’ licenses, state issued picture IDs, military IDs, and passports. Violations of state drinking laws will not be tolerated.

4.2.4 Each room party will need to decide how to handle appropriate alcohol management. Windycon asks only that everyone comply with hotel rules, and that all parties follow state drinking laws. We hope that everyone has a safe and wonderful time!

4.2.5 Please follow the law and hotel rules in regards to open containers of alcohol. Do not take open alcoholic beverages out of the hospitality suites or private rooms where they are served.

4.2.6 Our venue does not permit the use of recreational marijuana on the premises. Please respect the rules of the venue.


Windycon has a specific set of rules addressing Props and Weapons.


4.4.1 Pool hours will be posted, please pay attention to them!

4.4.2 Sleeping rooms are located near the pool and consideration should be given regarding noise.

4.4.3 If you have children, please supervise them.

4.4.4 Don’t drink and swim.

4.4.5 Be courteous to other users of the area.

4.4.6 Keep your swim attire on.

4.4.7 Be safe.


4.5.1 Eating and drinking are allowed in gaming, but please take extra care not to spill, and please properly dispose of all empty containers and waste materials.

4.5.2 Anyone under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Gaming staff will ask anyone who is unwilling to comply to leave.

4.5.3 Please respect the staff in the game room and comply with any requests, or you will be asked to leave.

4.5.4 Please be very careful with our game library.

4.5.5 Win or lose, please play fair and have fun.


4.6.1 Shoes and shirts are required for entry.

4.6.2 Please do not sleep in the Con Suite.

4.6.3 Dispose of any cans in the recycle bins and your trash in trash cans. We need your help to keep the Con Suite clean for everyone.

4.6.4 Alcohol may not leave the Con Suite’s doors. Period. Even if you carry it into the Con Suite, once it is in our Con Suite you must consume it, or dispose of it prior to departure, no exceptions.